Milwaukee, WI, USA

Experienced Java developer, involved in design, development, debugging, implementation, maintenance and support of software applications using Java, J2EE, and Web Technologies.

Excellent analytical, troubleshooting, mentoring/leadership, and communication skills.

Excellent self-learning skills. Quickly adapts to new libraries, frameworks, environments, and languages.

Extensive experience in Java, Groovy, Python, J2EE, VisualVM/YourKit, jconsole, Spring framework, Spring Security, REST, Hibernate, JPA, XML, JSON, SSL, SQL, IntelliJ, Maven, Gradle, Ant, MSBuild, AspectJ, Junit, Mockito, Servlet 3.0, Tomcat, AngularJS, Unix, Windows Installer, DICOM, Wireshark, Jira, Crucible, Subversion, and Mercurial