Tahir Shahzad

Islamabad, Pakistan


Hi, I am Tahir Shahzad,

Being a programmer I have professional web development experience of 3+ years as front-end and back-end role depending upon demand of project. On the other side I have interest in documentaries and research related to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

I am not just a coder, I am problem solver and quick learner. These skills help me to adapt any syntax of programming language. Till now I experienced C++, Java, Python and PHP. When I say PHP it means custom PHP along with theme and plugin development for common CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Magento. In frameworks I am fluent with Yii and Laravel.

I have strong skills in responsive website for Mobiles, Tablets and Desktops using CSS media queries, Twitter bootstrap and materialize. Hands on experience with client side scripts including javascript, jQuery and angular JS for interactive widgets, form validation and best user experience.

Strong understanding of security principles, best programming practices, MVC architecture, UI/UX, cross-browser compatibility and W3C standards.