@Deusovi I think I hate you

     - Sconibulus

damn you Deus, you right clever b----d

     - Rubio

... you said I'd either love it or hate it... love the clue, hate you :P

     - Alconja

that's beautifully abysmal.

     - Rubio (again)

Math and puzzle lover, member of Test Solution, Please Ignore (an MIT Mystery Hunt team), and currently a freshman in college. I love video games too and would be happy to obsess over them at anyone who would listen - I highly recommend Ghost Trick (which is where my avatar comes from). You can email me at deusovi@mail.com if you want to talk to me about various puzzly topics.

You can use either he/him or they/them pronouns when referring to me - I don't particularly have a preference.

Also, in case you're curious - my username is an anagram of "devious".

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