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Torsten Link

Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschland

Hi there, my name is Torsten and I work with Workflow / Groupware Software since 1995. I really love HCL Notes / Domino (formerly known as IBM Notes Domino, formerly known as Lotus Notes / Domino) and work with the software since Version 4.5.
Recently I startet using something very similar called Intrexx by United Planet and I love that product for the same reasons I love Notes:

the simplicity of rapid development in Lowcode / Nocode environments paired with the possibility to write highly advanced, object oriented business logic code on the same platform.

I prefer so see myself not as a software developer but problem solving specialist.

Knowing LotusScript, Lotus @Formula, Java, JavaScript, Python, Groovy and Apache Velocity helps me achieve that goal.

Feel free to contact me. I might be able to solve your problems as well.

Best regards

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