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My recent answers ⬅ please review and offer criticisms!

(Do NOT engage in serial up/down-voting!)

Best Practices:

  • Vote up good answers and down bad.
  • If in a bad mood, take a break.
  • Work to make comments obsolete and flag them.
  • Don't answer in comments - can't downvote or see edit history, but easily deleted.
  • Raise the bar with reviews.
  • Vote! There's badges - for - it!
  • Only use one account. More than one is too tempting for most - and you will get busted.

Spolsky: Only close real dupes; Edit questions, generalize; Build an answer library.


  • Dupe types: Cut & Paste, Accidental, Borderline
  • You're a mod!


  • site scope overlap is ok, be jealous of questions, make best fit site
  • close, don't migrate bad questions
  • suggest where they might get better answers

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Code licenses: CC-BY-SA/MIT (But I'm not litigious.)


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  • PyGotham: Reusable Python
  • PyGotham: Datamodel
  • PyCon: __slots__
  • N-Languages NYC: Python
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