I use programming as a tool for creating new systems and services. I know most modern programming languages, but I am not programmer; I focus on functionality and the invention of new products. I am expert (PhD) in most aspects of Information Technology, with 20 years experience in Research and Development. Ask me about ad hoc networking, mesh networking and delay tolerant networks, or any networking specific technology, and I will know the answer. I also work with security and encryption.

My preferred languages are Java and C as mostly create web services, network protocols and backend services. With these two, or combined, you can create almost anything unless you platform or environment prevents you from it (iOS). I am comfortable with Python, and use it for advanced administrative purposes; starting and stopping services, boot up VMs, databases etc. Python is very powerful, and while it can be used for creating great small programs, I believe it should preferably not be used that way, but rather as a super scripting language. For text parsing, and other parsing tasks, I mainly use Perl, but may sometimes also use Python for this. I have written lots of code in C++, but I really do not like it.