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I have seen many users do this (Idk why they do it, but anyways), so here it is for me: (this is not according to upvotes, but according to the effort I undertook and/or the insight I gained from answering the question)

Some of my best answers: I gained most insight about my own thought-processes from this: Question about Intermediate Value Theorem and phrasing proof

  1. Help learning and understanding polynomial factorizations
  2. Seek a multiplication formula for $x^2+xy+y^2$
  3. Calculate $\binom{1000}{3}+\binom{1000}{8}+\binom{1000}{13}+...+\binom{1000}{998}=?$ using complex numbers
  4. Centered hexagonal numbers
  5. How should I prove this vectors question?
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