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J. Breneman


Owner and operator of Toxic Karma, LLC: Premier Source of Video Poetry. Years have proven that I am a much better poet than programmer. Starting with MS Basic on my TRS-80 I, II, and III at the age of 7, my analytical mind could not get enough. Now, I find myself with code that is antiquated and often deprecated before I can find it! C'est la vie!

I am an anachronism, but I can learn new tricks. I spent years studying and laboring over VB, VBA, and VBScript. Killer spreadsheets, custom unattended installations, and amazing document processing is the best that I could accomplish.

As previously stated, I had about gained Grand Wizard status with VBScript when it was given the boot. It wasn't removed; thankfully; but it joined Latin among the dead languages.

Today, I find myself neck deep in Powershell, which I am really enjoying. Like VBScript, the successes are well-worth the aggravations that surround it. I am constantly learning something new, though "constant" is not something I have seen with Powershell. Code, code, code... Works. Reinstall OS, not work! It's akin to an DHTML/CSS programmer to be presented with WordPress. Without the appropriate modules (in lieu of Plugins) nothing works.

In conclusion, the story goes on. I do my best not to be pedantic, but I am such a neophyte that oft times it can not be avoided. I am glad to be here. I hope I can offer as much as I gain!

Remember: Live Beautifully!

π’₯π‘œπ‘’ 𝐡𝓇𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓂𝒢𝓃

CEO Toxic Karma, LLC Poet NDP [my quill doth bleed][2]

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