St. Louis, MO

Been writing code since high school (8080/85/Z80). Electronics Engineer by training, stochastic signal processor by graduate studies. Since late 1980s involved in search databases of one sort or other, mainly for matching stochastic signals. SCADA (control systems) , enterprise portals, SharePoint (2002-*) and enterprise search (FAST ESP, FAST 2010, SOLR, Elastic Search). Now statistical NLP (natural language processing) for enterprise search enhancement. HPC (high performance computing) to train my models and get prediction results in near real time. I am also doing work in CUDA and OpenCL. Image processing in OpenCV, Array Fire, Allegro, Sho. Deep Learning in Caffe (slow), BidMach (fast), CXXNET (fast). More profile info to be added later. My original Stack Overflow profile disappeared, so I have to re-establish my standing, as I seem to have no points anymore. Sigh...

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