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Montana, Bulgaria

My name is Viktor Kirilov and I'm living in Montana, BG. I started working on the web about 6 years ago. Since then I have been using many technologies and tools for software developing. I have been participated in different IT competitions and I've achieved top positions.

In the past few years I've practiced and tried to master languages such as PHP and JavaScript, HTML and CSS. In my lastest projects I've been using some of the most famous Javascript frameworks/libs such as BackBone, Angular, Require, jQuery. I've created my own PHP MVC framework called AlbaFramework. My experience with databases includes MongoDB and MySQL as well as Redis and Memcached. Since I found NodeJS I'm in love with it and I'm currently running FinalBurnout and Smartly on it. Also I've been in touch with python, java and many more.

I've been building simple application with C++, C# and VB. My experience with mobile devices includes Java and Android. I got big experience with Linux based system ( Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu ).