Andy aka

Stafford, England

I'm an analogue electronics designer and a music hobbyist in my part-time. I live in Stafford, England. My music composition website is here. My EE website is here. Feel free comment on Features: -

  • Interactive Boost regulator calculator (beta)

enter image description here

  • Interactive RLC low pass, high-pass and band-pass
  • Impedance matching with L-Pads, T-Pads and π-filters
  • Crystal Oscillator theory
  • Colpitts Oscillator theory
  • Transformer basics
  • A section on ferrites
  • A section on flyback converter design

...more to come! Any suggestions?

Finally, if you don't know how to accept an answer that someone has spent their free time on I hope this picture helps: -

enter image description here

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