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Louys Patrice Bessette

Sainte-Julie, QC, Canada

I am a self-taught person... In web programming and life.
Someday, I decided to re-orient my occupation... To work for myself, from home, for me.

You look at my profile because you were happy of my answer?

HIRE ME! ⇒ on (link to my profile)

I'm still learning and always will be...

HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP/MySql all by myself.
Many thanks to SO making me discover new things on almost every questions I try to answer.

I'm coding by hand in Notepad++.

Here are some answers which I'm proud of :

  • plugin addon (at.js)
  • page load transition bug
  • plugin deep modification (SlidesJS)
  • plugin mix usage (FullCalendar and qTip)
  • plugin mix usage (FancyBox and Cycle)
  • event binding
  • Remove a marker in Google Map API
  • Checker board - CSS/JS

        And a fast short anwers done in less than 10 min.

  • Why?

    I often cut n'paste some code found on SO, and customize it for my own uses.
    That's why I decided to contribute too.

    My "school works" are these 2 websites:

    AND my own site:

    Feel free to contact me at : [email protected]
    Or on Facebook.

    HIRE ME! ⇒ on (link to my profile)

    I PROUDLY speak french as mother tongue.

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