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Stéphane de Luca

Paris, France

My passion is to quickly materialize ideas: one of my latest pet project is ”Gas Discount” ⛽️ to get 20% off on your gas ( which I have written it in native Swift and released v1 @ xmas 2019 (ads+freemium model). Writing v2 in Dart/Flutter which should ship by Xmas 2021.

Currently, and since 2019: VP digital, CTO & CPO at Olenergies (🔋 LiFP connected batteries) where I develop an IoT platform that connect and optimize the energy of thousands of lithium batteries across the world on an IoT environment (Azure/MongoDB/TSI/InfluxDB/PostgreSQL/MERN GraphQL/Docker) as well as a nodeJs and C smart controller (ESP32 and Beaglebones and alike) that connect to batteries BMS thru CAN bus and charger/inverter thru MODbus. The smartcontroller also support for automatic and selective software updates. Lot of fun actually :D

From 2014 to 2016: CTO and CPO at Presstalis/ZEENS. I created a brand new B2C digital press service that exposes all journals and magazines published in France since 1947 via an all-you-can-eat subscription-based model on iPad (See video here I also designed and developed mobile-to-store and digital newsstand apps which includes social networking and bringing innovative BM to the press industry (50 % discount on mags) + in-store purchase of journals & show tickets in partnership with Ville de Paris, JCDecaux, Mediakiosk, FNAC/France Billet, Logista and Presstalis)

From 2009 to 2014: member of the Executive Committee of the RIAM government funding organisation (CNC/OSEO): financing of innovative projects in the movie and computer-related industries at large (11M€/year).

From 2010 to 2014: VP Products and CTO at, focused on the digital magazine distribution where I designed the first ever 3D newsstand for iPad, ranking #1 grossing app for iPad in France with more 1.5M downloads!

From 2009 to 2010, acted as COO for Mimesis Republic and industrialized the production (MMO/social network & apps).

In 2009, I published Santa-Claus for iPhone on AppStore, introducing for the 1st time the 3D parallax effect since natively integrated by Apple in iOS!

From 2007 to 2009, I was the CTO (geolocalized social network for mobiles). This LBS friends finder service displays 35M pages/month and has attracted more than 1.2M users (Q2 2009) since its launch in August 2007 and currently recruits an average of 5K users per day as per the current trend and we see our traffic doubling every quarter!

From 2003, I was the In-Fusio Advanced Technology Manager where I created mobile phone massive cross-platform multi-player technology & service.

Before, I've been in the video game industry for 10y where I successively developed titles, created & sold realtime 3D technologies & finally took in charge a business unit of Kalisto (IPO in 1999)

Get in touch with me (WhatsApp): +33 6 13 510 966 / [email protected]

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