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Stephen Rodriguez is a recent graduate of Iona College. At Iona College, Stephen earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Computer Science with a minor in Information System. During his time at Iona, he remained very active in the community as president of the Computer Science Club and working as an onsite IT Specialist for Iona College. During his summers, he would offer his time to companies such as IBM and Pepsico Beverages as a Software Developer.

After graduating, Stephen Rodriguez now works Full-Time as a Software Engineer for Gartner.

His passion lies in his skills as a researcher. As such, he has been published by Inderscience for his work on determining consumer relationships with relation to cell phone churn rates. In addition, he has visited the University of Kentucky to present alongside his team at NCUR. As technical lead, his focus was on delegating and leading the development on the new Lexical and Sublexical Analysis Calculator for Children's Literature.

He also has a deep rooted passion in the arts. Some of his hobbies include playing the guitar and sketching. He hope's to take his passion for the arts and combine it with his deeper passion for the field of technology. His own personal goals are vast and numerous but it is only a testament to his drive and initiative as a developer.