Made in Italy, with some parts from Japan, now living and working in Denmark. Basically just a Microsoft Development Engineer :)

Main interests

I really like programming and developing stuff. My main focus in web application development and testing. Among the technologies I am passionate about, you can find: ASP.NET, .NET, C#, VB.NET, WCF, C/C++ (all hail Bjarne), Boost C++ Library, Java, Javascript + dialects (Typescript, etc.), HTML5, CSS + dialects (SASS, LESS, etc.).

I have a lot of interests in Mathematics as well. Among engineering technologies, I really like working with: Wolfram Mathematica, Wolfram Language, Matlab.

I also like creating graphics, animations and presentation using the most popular applications in the Adobe families (I saw Flash growing since when it was still a baby, 5.0, and it was still Macromedia, RIP).

(Human) Languages

I like travelling a lot, and the best part of travelling is experiencing new languages, new sounds new people and culture. I actually love Asia. I lived in Japan and worked there. Made also a lot of friends and gonna return there soon (I hope). I can speak Italian, English, Japanese and still learning this fancy language called Danish.


I also like sports. I practiced many but now I almost focus on human swimming and open water human swimming. Now I started diving as well.


I also like photography, reading lots of books, food (strange food) and music. But most of all I like sharing knowledge with other people. More knowledge in the world means a better world! That's why I am #SOreadytohelp!