Perth, Western Australia

Forty-plus years in the computer industry - built my first microcomputer from a kit in 1976. Programmer (and electronics technician) by trade, problem-solver by inclination.

Now been unemployed for 14 years+, despite the alleged "skills shortage" and the "efforts" of websites, more than twenty "recruitment agents" and an entire government department. Employers prefer to engage a "new grad" who's "up-to-date" you see. They're "easier to train" (ie. they're cheaper and don't have the experience to tell the boss he's an idiot.)

So - I don't mind solving even dumb and obvious problems. Keeps whats left of my grey-matter from solidifying. At least people who place questions here have the wit to do so, unlike the average "computer expert" waving a "qualification" obtained on the demographics plan...

I've now lost interest in computing in general since the world only wants "qualified" cowboys who treat technical issues as some bizarre variety of popularity contest.

I was away from SO for a while because of the power-drunk noobie mods. I've now decided to ignore them.

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