Shiva Srikanth Thummidi

Hyderabad, India

I am W3(web) programmer during 2008. I May not be perfect that much, But lines of my codes are pretty Awesome. I am a programmer and an excellent debugger. Presently working in a small company, which is my big world (SPHERE SOFT SOLUTIONS INDIA PVT LTD).

 My Class Rooms:
     WindowsXP, Windows7

 My Black boards : 
     Firefox, IE , chrome, Opera, Safari.

 My Note book:
     Adobe Photoshop.

 My Master :
     Google search engine.  

 My friends:
    CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, 
    Word Press, Drupal, JQuery (Best Friend). 

 My New friends:
    Python, Google app engine,  Google Maps.

 My Girl friends:
    Ajax,  Json,  Math’s.

 My Universities  :
     Sphere Soft Solutions India Pvt Ltd. 
     (2010 - Present).
     Plexasys Software Solutions Ltd 
     (2010 - 2013).
     Realisim Soft India Pvt Ltd 

 My Researches :
    Built Pagination using JQuery with Ajax.
    Building a photoshop like editor using 
    JQuery, html, css, php.
    Building a CMS application using 2 of 
    My New Friends.

 My Project platforms:
    Wordpress, Drupal, PHP, Google app engine.

 My Qualities:
    Debugging, Guiding, Teaching, Learning.