Chris Hayes

United States

👨‍💻 Software Engineer - Digital Surgeons
🚀 LOVE space, rockets and SpaceX
🎥 WATCH/LISTEN to podcasts, documentaries, and educational YouTube
📰 READ about cool stuff on Medium and Smashing Magazine
☕ DRINK dark roast, black coffee
🏗️ BUILD websites, 3D product configurators, and Electron applications

👨‍💻 Tech I work with

🧑‍🎨 Frontends

Static Web | HTML/CSS/JS, SASS, Bootstrap
Web Apps | Vue
Electron | static, Angular 6+, Vue 2+3
Shopify e-comm | static
WordPress | Elementor, GeneratePress,

🤖 Automation/Testing

Electron Testing | Puppeteer, (Selenium)
Functional Testing | Mocha, Chai
Visual Regression | Reg Suit

📱 Other

WebGL | PlayCanvas (Production), THREE.JS + Babylon.JS (Research, Hobby)
Knowledgeable of C/C++, Java, Python
Briefly worked with Lua (PICO-8), and VBA (Excel desktop macros)

🧰 Toolbox

Main Editor | VSCode (with Vim emulator)
CLI Editor | Vim
Browser | Firefox Dev
OS | Mainly Ubuntu, but Windows 10 and OS X as necessary

🏫 My history with programming

2008 - 2015 | Pre High School, High School

  • C++ - Followed Bucky's tutorials of
  • Java - Followed Liang's Comprehensive Java textbook
  • Experimented with DirectX, OpenGL (ES), WebGL.
  • Learned VB.NET in the school's single coding class
  • Learned Lua to build virtual carts on the PICO-8 platform
  • Learned to build static webpages with HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap

2015 | College

  • Solidified understand of C, C++, Java and high-level CS concepts.
  • Learned to love Linux and Vim during this period
  • Learned Python and platforms/libraries in the NodeJS world
  • Paid research projects gave experience with C++ cluster programming
  • 2018 Connecticut Tech Challenge: Placed 1st at UNH, part of a team that placed 2nd at the state finals

2017 | Scroll Network

  • Joined Scroll Network while attending college
  • Worked on a MEAN+Electron application that utilized WebRTC for P2P file sharing
  • Built the initial site as a static site, later rebuilt it as an Angular SSR SPA
  • Participated in TechCrunch Disrupt 2018 in San Francisco helping represent the company

2019 | Reality Interactive

  • Currently work at Reality as a Software Engineer
  • Maintain+refactor Xenith's Shopify e-commerce website
  • Built EndlessPools's WebGL pool builder (Vue2 + PlayCanvas)
  • Rebuilt the company website with WordPress, Elementor,
  • Currently working on a Vue3 + Electron internal operations dashboard that creates a single hub for interfacing with the ELK stack and XMPP retail device operation

2021 | Digital Surgeons