So long SO main o/ and thanks for all the fish

Check out my personal website or check out one of the open source projects I'm currently working on:

  • Jeeves - A headless chatbot for the PHP room GitHub
  • Minifine - JS and CSS minifier GitHub
  • Requestable - online webservice for testing and debugging HTTP / REST requests GitHub
  • OpCacheGUI - a nice webinterface for PHP's OpCache GitHub
  • EmailTester - an online emailaddress validation regex tester GitHub
  • Commentar - an open source PHP5.4+ commenting system GitHub
  • HexDump - an online hex viewer GitHub
  • RichUploader - a private filehoster GitHub
  • PHP OAuth library GitHub
  • Proposal for the new beginners tutorial on GitHub

I've created a close-voting Chrome plugin available at GitHub to help clean up Stack Overflow.

If you would like to see what other projects I'm working on please visit my GitHub or drop me a line in the PHP chat.

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