Tokyo, Japan


I am a software technologist [developer & architect] for over 12 years of experience. Being a Clean Code enthusiast, my main interest is to understand how to design and develop complex cloud based systems especially based on Digital Security, Big Data, Information Retrieval Techniques using Share Nothing Architecture, Mircoservices & Resource Oriented Architecture, Hexagonal & Clean Architecture. I'm firm believer of Software Craftsmanship and practice it using Core & Enterprise Java Technologies & Frameworks like Spring (Cloud, Web, MVC, JPA, ORM), No SQL DBs & Cache.

Personally: I like music of genre: Jazz, Retro, Instrumental, Crossover, New-age, Ambient, Trance (chill, dream) & Punjabi Folk. Movies of genre: Mystery & Suspense, Adventure, War Strategy & World Wars, Biographies especially Japanese, Korean, German, Irani & French Cinema. Above all, I read especially research papers from IEEE & ACM, technical blogs especially by Martin Fowler, Books (novels, soft skills, fiction, new software development trends & paradigms). Learning new languages is and was always my passion, which has led me to study German & Japanese in irregular periods in recent years. I also love sport, although now a days I'm unable to practice but you will always find me ready to watch a game of Tennis, Cricket, Badminton, especially Football, a lot of Football/Soccer.

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