Tom Fenech

Barcelona, Spain

Currently working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center somewhere between front-end engineer and data scientist, creating interactive data visualisations using d3 with reactjs and typescript.

Previously working as a full stack web developer for Bluewire Technologies. Working with c# on the server and a mixture of typescript and javascript on the client. Using a mixture of client-side frameworks, including reactjs and knockout. Also doing some separate work with wordpress, using my knowledge of php acquired through designing and maintaining a few websites in my free time.

Before that I was at the University of Bristol, where I was studying for a PhD in Physics. In my research I worked with c++/opencl to perform GPU simulations of nematic liquid crystals, using awk and perl to process my simulation data, gnuplot to make graphs and python to create 3D visualisations with paraview.

As a Slackware Linux user I ain't afraid of no shell. I'm most familiar with bash, which is one of the tags I tend to answer most questions on here.

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