Baltimore, MD, United States

I'm a software developer and big fan of Android. I've been increasingly interested in modding and fixing Android devices the longer I've owned them.

The phones I've had since the beginning of the Smartphone era are...

  1. AT&T 8GB(?) Apple iPhone 3GS
  2. AT&T 16GB Motorola Atrix 4G
  3. Verizon 32GB Galaxy Nexus
  4. Play Store 8GB Nexus 4 (on T-Mobile)
  5. Play Store 32GB Nexus 5 (on T-Mobile)
  6. Google Store 64GB Nexus 6 (on T-Mobile)
  7. Google Store 32GB Nexus 6P (Pattern forming here)

You can see my gradual exodus from closed platforms and carriers. I often recommend unlocked, contract-free phones over other options because of the experiences I had on AT&T with the iPhone, with my Atrix (complete with encrypted bootloader), and with Verizon's 'enhancements' to the GNex.

I'm very happy with my unlocked, no-strings-attached Nexus 6P - and I firmly believe most everyone else would be as well.

I've also had a few Android tablets. However, they've all been sold or given to my family.

  1. ASUS Transformer TF-101
  2. Amazon Kindle Fire 2011
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire HD
  4. ASUS/Google Nexus 7 2012
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