Jonathan Potter

Melbourne, Australia

Win32 / C++ developer. (i.e. a dinosaur :)

I answer questions mainly in the winapi tag (which made it a hard slog to 20k let me tell you!)

I'm the main developer of a file manager (yes, there are alternatives to Explorer!) written in 100% C++/Win32 (no framework). Feel free to check it out at my website link.

Win32 tips based on often-asked questions:

  • Don't call GetLastError() unless a function actually fails. If CreateFile doesn't return ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE, the result of GetLastError() is meaningless.
  • Don't mix Ansi and Unicode strings. If you're getting an error passing a char* pointer to a function like CreateFile, casting it to (LPWSTR) isn't going to help.
  • more to come...
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