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Hi! my name is Anthony Nielsen. I am 16 years old and I have been an artist since I could remember, I've always loved drawing, and creating stuff. I would always take to the pencil, and I got really good. I got into realism. and portrait drawing. I came across blender about a year and half ago. and I love it. its another platform for me to channel my creativity with. and I'm completely self taught in everything I do, whether that's my art. or even learning an instrument. I live in such a small area, so far away from any city life, and any place that could teach me stuff. and having grown up like this. I learned that if I want something bad enough. I have to get it myself. so I would often turn to YouTube, I learned how shapes work, how shading and lighting bends around objects. I taught myself how to play guitar. if there was something about history, or even just a school subject. I turned to YouTube and learned about it. when I started with blender, it was rough. all I saw was a cube in the center. and a bunch of buttons everywhere. I figured out how to sculpt, and thought that's all I wanted to do. and I created some really weird crap, that I don't really like to look at now. but that I learned how to model, and hard surface model, I learned how to use edit mode, and from there, things started picking up. after that I learned ho to texture objects, and individual faces. then I learned how to use texture nodes. the I figured out how to render. and I learned how compositing works. and so far that's about it. let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks. thanks you for the support and the answers to my questions.

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