I like c++, especially templates. Even if sometimes I don't understand them. And python is cool too, but mainly C++ (really c++11 or later). I also wish compilers would give you more warnings on switch statements and virtual functions. I think you cannot oversell the importance of code clarity.

I am also somewhat obsessed with SO.

Users I subscribe to, in no particular order: Jonathan Wakely, T.C., Columbo, Yakk, dyp

Various badge milestones:

  • 8th to receive the gold templates badge
  • 11th to receive the bronze C++14 badge
  • 12th to receive the bronze variadic-templates badge
  • 19th to receive the bronze language-lawyer badge
  • 29th to receive the gold C++11 badge
  • 31st to receive the silver templates badge
  • 256th to receive the gold C++ badge, or 0x0100th if you prefer
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