Zach Saucier

United States

I get inspired. I create. I have too many ideas. I have even more things to do.

I am a young web developer who studied at the University of Georgia and loves talking to people. I've spoken internationally about web design and development, animations, and user experience at various meetups, written for CSS-Tricks on Scaling responsive animations, CSS animation tricks, and JavaScript interaction with CSS, and specialize in animations and user interaction. I am a deep thinker who loves to create new ways to give users more enjoyable, immersive, and meaningful experiences.

Check out my site for more of my projects. I also love to create tools for developers to use, which you can see on GitHub and also create goodies, meddling around with new techniques, which you can view on CodePen. You might also like to hear my thoughts post in my blog.

I also do one on one mentoring and have had hundreds of happy proteges. If you're interested, you can find me on CodeMentor.

Feel free to message me at

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