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Joshua Rountree

Cincinnati, OH, United States

Since 1997, I have consistently been intrigued by the world of web. I began creating my first websites at home and scouring the internet for advice and information. After graduating from high school in 2002 I immediately decided to take to the workforce and began my career. I have worked in very diverse environments all of which related to web design, UI design / javascript, and server-side web languages such as PHP, ColdFusion, vbscript, .NET, Node.js, and Ruby.

My objective is to persistently improve my knowledge in new and existing web technologies granting me the ability to engineer highly scalable, robust, innovative, collaborative, and socially/self-engaging SaaS applications for niche industries across the world.

A skill I find to be very important today is my ability to see and deploy web apps / pages from a design and programming perspective.