Mário idival

Parnamirim - State of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Hello, my name is Mario Idival and I'm a programmer!

I became interested in this area in 2011 after I decided to become a hacker. I read in a blogpost (10 steps to become a hacker) that one of the necessary skills was programming, so began my studies and gave up being a hacker.

At that time I did not have a computer and was practicing codes on paper and then going to an internet café to install an IDE and execute them. My first language was C, then I went to Lua, PHP, Ruby and Python, this one I chose to be my main language and got deeper into studying it.

During these studies, I also began to learn and use Linux and learned a little about Network Administration, not to deep.

In this period I also began to study Frontend, learned HTML, CSS and Javascript, which also went further with this language. In the backend side I also learned Go, another fantastic language!

In the database side, I studied widely NoSQL with MongoDB and ElasticSearch (full-text search). PostgreSQL and MySQL are the DBMS I also know, but I use PostgreSQL more often.

Backend Frameworks that I learned: Ruby on Rails (Ruby), CodeIgniter (PHP), Django & Pyramid (Python), the last one is my favorite. AngularJS, ReactJS are other frameworks (frontend) that have experience.

I am currently studying Rust!

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