Cologne, Germany


  • iOS developer & developer coach

    • Years of experience in developing in-house and App Store apps
    • Preparation and delivery of developer courses:
      • Individual courses
      • Group courses
      • Lecture/tutorial series at Dresden University of Technology
    • Scientific research/theses:
      • Backwards-Compatibility Concepts for iOS Apps (Diploma thesis)
        • Research focus: detection and (automatic) resolution of APIs that have been introduced later than the deployment target; implementation is based on a modified Clang compiler and tightly integrates with Xcode
        • Download document (PDF/German) | Repository
      • Multi-Tenancy Concepts for Large-Scale iOS Apps (Assignment thesis)
        • Research focus: modularisation and dependency management in Xcode/Objective-C
        • Download document (PDF/German) | Repository
  • Degree: Diploma in Computer Science & New Media (Dresden University of Technology)

  • Passion: music (Hip Hop), and I work(ed) behind the scenes of these magazines & artist websites:

    • Goldstücke Radioshow: Editor & host (my very own show)
    • Curse.de: Website admin & press relations, tour coverage
    • Mixery Raw Deluxe: News editor (07/2006 - 03/2014)
    • CampusRadio Dresden: Music editor & radio host (10/2011 - 05/2014)