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About PaperBirdMaster

I'm an enthusiastic developer, C++ supporter who loves to work with C++, always up to date with the new language features and standards.

I'm also knowledgeable in Java, C, C#, Basic (VB and VBA) and Objective-C (though I hate that last one).

Check out the answers of which I am most proud

  • difference usage of the downcast, upcast of pointer.
  • Why is enum class preferred over plain enum?.
  • Datatypes for representing JSON in C++.
  • Where to use union, class and struct?.
  • error C2664: 'CComboBox::InsertString' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'const char [4]' to 'LPCTSTR'.
  • Is there any way to control the padding between struct members (incl. bit field) in C++?.
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