Czech Republic

.NET/C#/web developer in the largest Czech IT employer ŠKODA Auto, an automotive company, daughter of Volkswagen Group.

Precision, perseverance and concentration are my strengths that help me write well-structured, consistent and usefully-documented code with sane conventions and readable and informative repository history. I use standards and technologies at their best. Maintaining code I wrote is a delight. I have (unfinished) computer science university education, providing solid theoretical background for my career.


Software maintainability & quality & security & architecture, DevOps, agile product development, programming languages, free software, web, teaching, movies, music (guitar, largely genre-neutral), … and many others.

c# .net-5 .net-core .net
http rest api-design openapi swagger
azure azure-pipelines azure-bicep
devops docker kubernetes
powershell powershell-core shell linux posix
git vim visual-studio-code sonarqube regex

Disinterests: php (Why?), mysql (Why?).

I want to improve my python and haskell and start with rust and go.

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