Czech Republic

Computer science student at so called Matfyzcs, officially Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague (Wikipedia). Webmaster of The Grammar School of Kladno since about when in 3rd year of its 8-year study program (14 years old), with very few time to maintain its website lately.


Web, programming languages, teaching, music (guitar, largely genre-neutral), martial arts (kendo, judo), … and many other.


git make vim
shell perl html
apache linux posix

There are other topics I used to explore and some of them still cause me nightmares, namely php (Why?), mysql (Why?) and windows (reason is self-evident).

I’m going to learn python and haskell to greater depths, too. My university gives me thorough computer science education, including solid theoretical background.

I am very precise in everything I do. I seldom regret returning to an old piece of code I wrote to fix a bug or perform other maintenance, because I write well-structured and usefully-commented code with sane naming convention.

On Stack Overflow, I’m aiming at the Generalist Badge. Still a long way to go. From time to time you can meet me in the Tavern chat rooms on Stack Overflow and on Meta Stack Exchange.

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