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I'm the Chief Executive Officer of Massively Modified, Inc.. My proven experience and track record covers C/C++, Java, PHP, .NET (C# & VB ASP MVC, WPF, Entity Framework), JavaScript, CSS, and HTML - which I have practiced both privately and professionally for several years.

I excel in leading development projects, managing teams (both on-premise and remote), making use of Agile ALM practices and methodologies (SCRUM is my favorite), and thriving in a fast-paced corporate environment without compromising the integrity - or level - of quality and standards that are expected of a battle-hardened software engineer.

Full-stack doesn't even begin to cover my skill sets as my standards require that toy software is never produced - ever. I can cover all the business aspects of a Full-Stack developer, yet I far exceed the standard level of experience and quality of software engineering required for one to be considered a Full-stack developer.

In the real world, business strategy is not software engineering, the fact that anyone was ever sold on the idea that it was (if they ever were) is simply proof that it is not. Engineering is about logic, and business strategy typically does not align with the requirements of logic used to program business strategy - and providing instruction to circuits with business strategy class logic is almost always inefficient. Let's not degrade the progress we've made thus far...please fight with me on this - everyone!.

My latest work is for use with Node.js, which I really enjoy. I developed nodakwaeri (nk on npm); a powerful MVC Application Framework, as well as nodamysql (nk-mysql on npm); a powerful Native Cross-platform MySQL Add-on enabling use of prepared statements and written entirely in C++ (and using MySQL's C++ Connector as well). With these tools developers can create just about anything, from a robust API to a website or CMS, with ease.

I also have a thing for game and simulation; another project I am working on is a WebGL Game Engine built on top of the Babylon.js WebGL Framework. It's not much now, but I do my real work (full-time job ofc) most of my conscious day and have several other projects - so that is to be expected :P.

I am still learning every day and have gained much knowledge from researching and learning from others - such as the members of this site. I have never needed to actually ask a question on this site (and leave it posted), because I have always been able to find the answer I required from one of you awesome contributors.

I did study for some time at DeVry University for C++ focused Game and Simulation Programming. However, I would not recommend that school to anyone who is working online - unless you are very good about saving emails, recording phone conversations, etc. ;)

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