Syed Absar

Karachi, Pakistan

Syed Absar is a software engineer and trainer with a couple of years spent programming and consulting.

He has programmed point of sales, workflow systems over the web, networked desktop games, mobile engineering applications and a lot more. Absar has been a professional development (Java, C#, PHP, C, Python, J2ME, iPhone, Android, ASP.NET etc) trainer for many years and has spoken at multiple seminars and code camps. He has also contributed to a recent research on semantic web ontology in Malaysia & Developed an extension for Helpdesk system in the United States.

Absar holds a bachelors degree in software engineering from University of Karachi, moreover, he is certified as a technology specialist by Microsoft, internet specialist by Juniper Networks, and another certified IT professional title from the government of Pakistan. He had exceptional performance during the academics as well which reflects in his professional level academic projects like network based quiz engine based on sockets programming and high level business logics, artificial intelligence based pharmacy consultant, etc.