Daniel Robert-Nicoud

Zurich, Switzerland


After completing my Master at ETH Zürich, I am now a PhD student at the Université Paris 13 under the supervision of prof. Bruno Vallette. My research topic is algebraic operads and their applications to geometry and mathematical physics.

Currently, I'm doing stuff related to deformation theory.

My work:

  • Bachelor thesis on the Quillen equivalence between topological spaces and simplicial sets (under the supervision of prof. Damien Calaque and dr. Mathieu Anel)
  • Master thesis on some applications of the theory of moment maps in the infinite dimensional setting to differential geometry, following this paper by S. K. Donaldson (under the supervision of prof. Dietmar A. Salamon)
  • Deformation theory with homotopy algebra structures on tensor products (preprint) on the generalization of certain constructions in operad theory, allowing to put homotopy Lie algebra structures e.g. on various tensor products of algebras of different types, plus two applications to deformation theory.
  • Representing the Deligne-Hinich-Getzler ∞-groupoid (preprint) on a new model for the ∞-groupoid of Maurer-Cartan elements in homotopy Lie algebras which is represented by a cosimplicial dg Lie algebra in the Lie case.

For comments, questions or if you just want to have a chat, feel free to contact me at the address:

robert-nicoud AT math.univ-paris13 DOT fr

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