Raleigh, NC

#I solve problems in the world Problem solving must be applied at all levels.
"Are we building the product right?" must be accompanied by
"Are we building the right product?"

#by developing software with tradeoffs designed to make the software a good fit for the overall system (the system of people, procedures & equipment).

#with the passionate use of skill Speaking and writing skills support collaboration. Analytical and problem solving skills focus technical skills. All of these I have cultivated over a 14 year professional career.

#fed by an appetite for construction. I do this because I love it, because it seduces and compels me. Software development is littered with important tasks that are neither exciting nor fun. I don't avoid or phone-in this work, I lean into it and embrace the hard work because I love the craft and I love the results. It seems contradictory for something to be fed by an appetite. But it is true.

##I mainly do this using Java and web technologies. ###Also, I wrote the Addison-Wesley book on Amazon SimpleDB.