I'm a full-stack web developer and work with creating e-learning platforms and other solutions. Before my career I studied Computer Science & Engineering at Lund University, Sweden. I also hold a certificate in Business Management & Marketing.

I've always been interested in software development and everything that it entails. All of it. Not just the programming aspect, which is why I don't like being called a "programmer", even though ~80% of my job routine consists of coding. I've been doing this professionally for about 5 years, and for private/hobby purposes for a little over 10 years.

Though I like working with most languages and platforms, I have an undeniable preference towards web technologies. I love javascript and related frameworks such as React.js and Angular.js. I also like php and node.js.

I'm also a huge aviationphile; meaning I love everything related to aviation, airplanes and even space. I'm currently studying towards my PPL certificate (ASEL rating) which takes up most of my spare time.

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