Chris Cashwell

California, United States

I'm an entrepreneurial software engineer and technical consultant with a proven track record of leading geographically distributed teams and helping design and execute product development strategies that win. For the last several years I've been heavily focused on digital currency and distributed ledger technologies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash.

I've built lots of different types of software in a handful of different languages, including distributed cryptocurrency systems, cloud-based and native web and mobile apps, and tools that touch millions of consumers and tens of thousands of government employees in the US and abroad every day. In an advisory capacity I've helped companies large and small make groundbreaking innovations in diverse spaces ranging from peer-to-peer payments and consumer protection to real-time communications and telemedicine. I've acted as a consultant to startups, multinational companies and everything in between to build scalable solutions to real-world problems. I've also contributed to the development of critical government systems that help keep the world just a little bit safer. Along the way, I've helped secure numerous US government contracts and grant awards, as well as more than $250 million in private capital.

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