Patrick T. Randolph

Upper Midwest

Patrick T. Randolph is a creative and academic writing lecturer in ESL at Western Michigan University. He and his wife, Gamze, and daughter, Aylene, and genius cat, Mr. Gable, live in Kalamazoo, MI.

Popcorn Press has published two volumes of Patrick's poetry: "Father's Philosophy" and "Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless". Both have been on Amazon's Best Seller List. All proceeds from "Empty Shoes" go to help food banks and homeless shelters around the US. He recently coauthored a book on teaching idioms to ELLs, "Cat Got Your Tongue?: Recent Research and Classroom Practices for Teaching Idioms to English Learners Around the World," (TESOL Press, 2014).

Patrick has two graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison: Philosophy (2000) and Applied English Linguistics (2006).