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Signs That You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Wisdom teeth are the back molars that come out between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five; they are the last teeth to erupt. Wisdom teeth often cause tenderness and other discomforts when emerging from the gums. There are various reasons why the removal of wisdom may be deemed necessary. Dentists often recommend that you remove your wisdom teeth if:

You have gum disease They are impacted - if they cant emerge normally or are hidden in the gums, which may lead to infection Your jaw has no more room to accommodate extra teeth - this leads to the teeth coming out from the wrong angle

If impacted, wisdom teeth cause damage to the adjacent teeth and push them away, damage your sinus system, sensitivity, pain, inflamed gums, tooth decay, and swelling of gums.

Wisdom teeth removal can be a frightening experience. Scheduling your wisdom teeth removal with Facial and Oral Surgery Institute will make you experience the calmness that you can't find anywhere in Woodland Hills. Our experienced and expert surgeon, Dr. Navid Senehi, who is fondly described as the 'Third Molar Master,' will ensure that your wisdom tooth removal is painless. Our calming ambiance compliments our compassionate and welcoming team of professionals to relieve your nervousness and worry.

If you are contemplating wisdom teeth removal and are searching for a reliable and proficient dental surgeon for wisdom teeth removal in Woodland Hills, look no further. Please schedule your appointment today or check our website to learn more about wisdom tooth removal.

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