Saaqib Mahmuud

Abbottabad, Pakistan

I'm a visually impaired person and a student of mathematics, with particular interest in mathematical analysis, topology, functional analysis, abstract and linear algebra, complex analysis, graph theory, and number theory. But my background is still quite poor!

As someone who is studying on my own with little tutorial support or face-to-face peer to discuss with, (Mathematics) Stack Exchange is such an invaluable resource!

These days, I'm teaching at a local college. Although I try to put in a lot of effort in my teaching, my eyesight problem is a real disadvantage, just as it has been during my studies.

Here in Pakistan, there is simply no accessibility support for a blind or visually impaired person working in mathematics.

Apart from mathematics, I'm also into Unified English Braille (UEB) and accessibility software like JAWS and ZoomText. Last year, I even started learning the Python programming language through the MIT OCW but just couldn't finish it through. I hope to be able to pick it up again soon. I aspire to be able to write customization scripts for JAWS and NVDA, the latter of which has been coded in Python.

Oh, and I'm also a student of The Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired. These days, I'm pursuing the Hadley's course "Chess: Principles and Strategies".

My contact info is as follows:

Phone (Mobile + WhatsApp): 0092-334-541-7958 & 0092-346-952-7638 Skype ID: saaqib.mahmood Email: [email protected]

So please feel free to contact me if you need or wish to, but please do not exchange my contact info with any third party, including any ad or marketing agency, without my prior consent.

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