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I work in a call center at the moment, trying to get back on my career path after a big move back to the USA after many years overseas. I am an experienced accountant and consider that the most likely of the decent-paying jobs I might get.

I program as a hobby and as my major in my BS. I would prefer over any other job to find work in programming, but I have the chicken-egg problem. No experience, so no offers. I love C# most of all, am learning ASM and fighting my way through many frustrations with it, and often model projects in Python first, use it as my road map when building it in C# or ASM for speed. I have programmed in C++ (wrote an implementation of Pollard Rho in C++ and posted it here on Stack Overflow under a different account a few years back for example), but the lack of vowels and the surplus of underscores and other punctuation has really soured me on it. What in the world is a Decklespeck anyway? Oh wait. IFNDEF Decklespeck DEF Decklespeck ENDIF. Whew that was helpful! LOL! Oh well, don't get upset. I realize C++ is a fantastic language. I just never did wrap my head around that one so well.

So anyway, yeah. C#, ASM, and Python are my big 3. Behind those are Java, Visual Basic and HTML which I realize is not an actual language. For all my bashing it, I will probably try C++ again, and will likely learn Javascript at some point as well.

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