Clearly Seeing

Twin Cities, Minnesota

(.. clearly seeing.. or trying to anyway!)

Here to learn and continually update my awareness as applicable.

Recently started a complex-systems position at our land-grant institution here, also just finished my first tax season.

My intro to this site was through the UMN FinTech Boot Camp (part-time structure). It focused on Python and its related technologies (pandas, numpy, etc..), first in relation to tech used in finance such as API's, SQL and AWS. Then it was Python as utilized within financial visualization work and machine learning. The final section - on cryptocurrency and blockchain, solidity, etc - somewhat included python as well. Much contented learning/discovering including related areas like Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange community.

Work history: 1987 - present - career in Accounting and related areas including Accounting Software integrations, updates, implementations (my favorite part of course), database work, EDI software, also areas like PR, Benefits Admin, OS & Tech support. Mostly in NonProfit/Govt sector, often involving education.