Sylvester Kruin

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I stand with Ukraine.

Questions for which I see an endless stream of duplicates (note that they all have to do with tkinter).

  • Tkinter: AttributeError: NoneType object has no attribute

  • Cannot use geometry manager pack inside

  • Why is the command bound to a Button or event executed when declared?

  • Why does Tkinter image not show up if created in a function?

  • tkinter creating buttons in for loop passing command arguments

The lesson here: please please please please please please please do research before asking a question! I can't stress this enough!

Professional Section

I'm here to learn and help others (and learn how to help others by helping others learn).

I am a student, a completely self-taught coder, and have been working with Python for some time. Aside from application development, I enjoy building and programming Arduino things, taking things apart and messing with them, reading, driving, and playing the piano. ---and petting my cat, who has the honor of being my profile pic.

I also write music on occasion (mostly classical), and I'm a new Rustacean. I find Rust a little difficult at times, but on the whole it's a well thought-out, thorough, practical language and I'm excited to be learning it!

I'm a Linux fan, and do all my computer stuff on an Ubuntu. That includes software development, music writing, Stack Overflow, language learning, 3D animation, and movie and photo editing.

I was told not to say this in my answers, so I'll say it here: if you have any questions about or problems with my answers, let me know! I'm open to criticism!

Unprofessional Section

Try this Python code:

print(*(chr(72 + n) for n in [0, 25, 40, 40, 49, -40, 27, 39, 28, 33, 38, 31, -39]), sep="")

Don't you love markdown?

Keeping this for future reference: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.