Lewisville, TX

A mechanical engineer by education, I've been programming off and on in various languages since the days of punched cards (that's before PC's or floppy drives existed).

A friend who's a Certified Salesforce Consultant introduced me to the platform in the fall of 2012, after which I began writing triggers, controllers for VF pages, HTML Templates and custom pages along with PDF controllers. I've become DEV-401 certified and am working towards obtaining my DEV-501 Certification, focusing all my energy on learning Salesforce.

I'm a member of the Dallas Salesforce Developer's User Group where I'm on the Leadership Team and a member of a 401/501 Study Group that's an offshoot of the group. I can be found on Twitter as @cloudmech.

I got involved in computer graphics on the PC in the mid 1990's which led me to the internet, web design and owning a DTP/Graphic Design company. In the late 90's I was a Sysop in the Adobe Forum on CompuServe then later became the Manager of WUGNET's Windows NT/2000 Forum on CompuServe until about 2001. During that period, I also wrote for NT Update and Web Update Journals. Until I began learning Salesforce, I regularly worked with Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and other computer graphics software creating art and photorealistic animations.

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