I have obtained a bachelors degree in CS and Engineering and is currently working on obtaining a masters degree in same field.

I have 1 year and 8 months practical experience as software developer in a small company, where I designed and delivered a CRM system (built with ASP MVC 4 and MSSQL), evaluated the product with customers and joined sales meetings.

I am passionate about programming in general, but have fallen in love specifically with functional programming. When I am free to choose language for school projects I almost always use F#, and in my spare time I enjoy exploring this beautiful language through books and blogs. However, I enjoy exploring and using other languages as well and have experience with Python and C#. Furthermore, I hope to dig deeper into Elixir, Elm and Idris in near future.

I care a lot about code maintainability, and I believe that especially functional programming techniques and proper testing can contribute a lot to make a project more maintainable.

At last I am very curious about Data Mining and Machine Learning and would love to spend more time playing around with data and implementing fancy algorithms.