the holy earth

Use ########s instead of --- or ==== for headers.

My personal motto:

world sucks, do something that sucks less.

My social skills are near to zero, and so is my ability to formulate questions/comments/messages but here goes...

To avoid misunderstanding, here is a table that best describes me in terms of voting on the Stack Exchange network.

Things I never do Things I do
Downvote answers to give myself an advantage (a Adrenaline pump for example) Upvote if someone has spent a sufficient amount of effort
Downvote when others make a mistake Upvote without asking for upvoting back
Downvote for revenge
Downvote without a comment (If not I might build a bot, because without reasons to improve the question will be still bad)

I am an advocate for kindness.

Somethings from: https://stackoverflow.com/users/16936415/mark

I’m interested in python, C languages, ML, wireshark, linux.

I’m currently learning python, VS code, Latex and how to butter up productivity in SO.

Strong opinions weakly held