Taylor Evanson

Salt Lake City, UT


I'm a developer on the back and front end. My back end skillset includes MySQL, Mongo, PHP, Node, REST/CRUD/other web services (custom and provided, such as Firebase), OAuth, API/XML and CMS dev -- mainly Drupal.

I began a Drupal module that's currently sandboxed called Multisite Launcher; an integration of a JS system I wrote that overrides browsers' tab-launching limits by imitating user-initiated events. It ties into SRL's Drupal Multisites and is used for QA/script running. I also wrote an internal replacement to the User and Profile modules, that taught me about security, encoding and classes/globals.

My front end skillset is thicker! HTML5, Responsive CSS3, LESS, jQuery, React, Angular and other MVC's, WebGL, and various UX-rich JavaScript; DataTables, jQuery validation, custom modal systems, TamperMonkey scripts, Chrome extensions, live SQL filtering/querying, mobile gestures, AJAX form submissions, and game dev. I'm learning a lot and going to school for a Batchelor's degree in CS.

I've been focusing my efforts on Node. We dipped in at SRL, not without learning curves; streams, clustering, sync/async patterns, flow control best practices, error handling, Socket.io, memory management and heavier Node/Drupal integration. I'm working on a project that uses Node, Express, MySQL, React/JSX, Socket.io, Jade, LESS, OAuth through GitHub, Google and Asana, heavy API integration with AWS, Digital Ocean, GoDaddy, a packaged Chrome extension, and native desktop apps built with Node Webkit -- all 100% client-side routed.

While working at Ironclad Media, before SRL grew and the company was closed, I handled core theming, attended events (ad:tech, Affiliate Summit) and published. It taught me about Drupal, MIME, IP rep., SpamAssassin, and protocols.

I'm a swiss army knife that's familiar with net penetration (protocols, packets, hashes, Aircrack), light Obj-C/Swift, and UX/Design projects -- "The Blackfish" iOS app, some logo design, misc.

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