Yucatan, Mexico

Hello I work in the banking industry out of Edmonton Alberta and commute every few months. Most of my work is done online. I am currently studying online and creating different programs to help certify and protect children online. We are creating new software and programs that will allow parents to be able to protect children's social media accounts without crowding too much into their personal space and that will alert of intrusions from unknown adults that tend to stalk children online. Apart because of the low fees and open source on Stellar we are bringing clarity back with in the donors and Organizations that will allow us to help manage participating organizations donations using the hash id linked back to our database on all transactions between the two given the domor a piece of mind knowing that all funds donated we used for that purpose. Our platform is set up on subscriptions which have been one of the main e-commerce successes over the past ten years making a comeback while using the courses through our partners within cyber security to protect our platform, the subscribers and children at the same time. Two of 2020 number one top business, 110 billion rise last year alone in online security and all know what microsoft did in subscriptions. Using the system will allow us to generate a value in the stop the violence digital asset by using it to register and certify the children online. Our main goal is getting social media and the governments to adopt the idea that children under the age of 18 should have to take a course to protect them. We have partnered with amazon and apple to be able to distribute and monitor the stages for children globally. We will be applying for our pics in the United States Canada and Mexico to register a non profit in those three countrie to start an branch out. A copy of the rough draft white paper plesse feeel free to send feedback no matter how brutal it maybe all is appreciated

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