Physicist, Patent Engineer, Freelancer.

Heard about TeX and Latex around 1990, but only recently (July 2021) gave it a try ... better late than never ;-)

In terms of writing I draft content in Scrivener, check style in Papyrus (German version) and turn matured content into whatever form is needed (HTML, ePub, Word, Latex soon, ...)

In terms of programming I went through, e.g., FORTRAN77, Pascal, several BASICs, several ASSEMBLERs, C, C++, fell in love with PERL for its low time-to-result, rediscovered PHP (command line), am too impatient for Java, dislike Javascript, value data bases ... and am a matured protagonist for any kind of approach using TDD (Test Driven Design), UML (Unified Modelling Language) and OOD/OOP (Object Oriented Development/Programming) ... even in non-programming fields.

Privately playing: drums, keyboard, Hammond organ, piano. With bands, before COVID19.

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