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United Kingdom

I am an Ubuntu user (since Jaunty) and also a programmer (by hobby - no formal education). I found the community on Ubuntu Forums extremely helpful and so started to return the favour and never stopped :)

I am currently involved with the development of the following FOSS projects:

  • DMedia - a distributed media library, to be used by the Novacut video editor. (IRC: #novacut)
  • QR Tools - tools for creating and reading QR codes.

Both of these projects actively welcome new contributors so feel free to help out. If you are interested but don't know where to start feel free to contact me.

If you find my answers helpful, and you have money to waste spare, you may donate to me via:

  • flattr flattr button
  • Bitcoin - 14wAQSJT4F1QsUUdUVvZS5TXmgvCyNr1ET
  • youtipit youtipit button
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